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Give easier lessons with ballet songs

For children, it can be very tiring this back to school, especially adjusting to distance learning. However, by incorporating ballet songs you can make this process more bearableand help them understand and remember all the lessons more easily.

All over the world, studies have been conducted on the benefits of using music to teach,especially with preschool and elementary school children , but not just any music, if notone that has the ideal rhythm and timbre to be remembered by students.

Next, we will introduce you to how to incorporate ballet songs when you teach, as well as the benefits for children:


Take ballet songs beyond the dance studio

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) developed three ideal strategies for bringing music into the classroom: they start with the selection of music; they continue with the search for ideal letters for the lesson; and the incorporation of dance, as a method of understanding and relating new concepts.

The first thing you have to do is make a playlist that can liven up the lesson, generally instrumental music such as ballet songs are the best, as they do not distract the children

during the lesson. You can take advantage of technology and share the list with the little


If you choose songs with lyrics, make sure they are enriching for their education and that they facilitate knowledge. According to the ISTE study, there are songs that can help with learning math and other languages.

The third strategy is to organize a dance party in order to relate the children's body

movements with the understanding of the concepts they are learning. In this way, they

will be able to establish a link between choreography with the scientific method or writing an essay, as an example.

Since the children are familiar with ballet songs , a second step could be the incorporation of online classes. If they wish, ballet can help them lead a healthier life due to all the physical effort that dancers put in.


The benefits of using ballet songs in the classroom

Music is proven to stimulate the left hemisphere of the brain, which is responsible for

people's logical thinking, concentration, understanding new languages, and math skills.

By using music in the classroom, the environment will be more positive with the little

ones; you will see that they will integrate more easily and will increase their creativity and memory. When dancing ballet , the artists acquire more pride and confidence in

themselves, that is why with the songs they will be able to raise their self-esteem and the management of their emotions.

In addition, various studies indicate that music can help to improve vocabulary, reading

and other subjects. Also, if you include dance in the lesson, the children will reinforce their motor skills.


These are some of the benefits that your students would have if you use ballet songs at

the time of teaching your classes and, with the use of technology, you can take the

melodies to their homes. Whichever method you use to incorporate music into your

classes, rest assured that it will be more relaxing for you and enriching for the children.

Find the best ballet songs with different rhythms in the Vadim Method so that you can

incorporate them into your classes; you can choose the rhythm and tempo, as well as the character and style of each piece. Go to https://www.balletmusic.online to find more

information about it or write to them at contacto@metodovadim.com so that you know

the millions of possibilities in songs.

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