The best piano music for your ballet class

On this page you will find more than a thousand piano tracks that were specifically created for classical dance lessons. 

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All this tracks are original adaptations for routine ballet exercises and they facilitate the work of the teacher and the training of the students.

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Music for beginner LEVEL classes

Music for ballet class-7
Music for ballet class-4
Music for ballet class-18
Music for ballet class-17

Music for intermediate level classes

Music for ballet class-2
Music for ballet class-9
Music for ballet class-13
Music for ballet class-10

Music for advanced level classes

Music for ballet class
Music for ballet class-5
Music for ballet class-11
Music for ballet class-12

Music for gymnastics, bar on the floor, stretching and class of pointe

Music for ballet class-3
Music for ballet class-6
Music for ballet class-7
Music for ballet class-8
Music for ballet class-16
Music for ballet class-15
Music for ballet class-14


Nane VBertely, Dancer, dance teacher and choreographer.
The Hague / Rotterdam
The Netherlands

I loved the album! It's very inspiring and works wonders for me! I would like more albums for advanced ballet classes and variations :) I think it would be a success!

I use Vadim's Method music in my classes of bar-center-diagonal etc. The music is very beautiful and adaptable

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