Music for ballet lessons.

30 Greatest Classical Ballet Male and Female Variations

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  1. The Nutcracker. Male Variation.

  2. Giselle. Act 2. Male Albrecht`s Variation.

  3. Giselle. Act 1. Peasant Male Variation.

  4. Diana and Actaeon. Pas de Deux. Male Variation.

  5. Le Corsaire. Ali Male Variation.

  6. Don Quixote. Male Variation Basilio.

  7. La Bayadère. Act 2. Male Variation Solor.

  8. Grand Pas Classique. Male Variation.

  9. La Fille mal gardée. Act 2. Male Variation Colas.

  10. Paquita. Pas de Trois. Male Variation.

  11. Flower Festival in Genzano. Male Variation.

  12. Swan Lake. Pas de Trois. Male Variation.

  13. 1st Odalisque Female Variation

  14. 2nd Odalisque Female Variation

  15. 3rd Odalisque Female Variation

  16. La Bayadère. 1st Shadow Female Variation

  17. La Bayadère. Hamzatti Female Variation

  18. Diana and Actaeon. Diana Female Variation.

  19. Grand Pas Classique. Female Variation.

  20. The swan lake. Act 3. Female Variation.

  21. La Fille Mal Gardée. Lise Female Variation.

  22. Le Corsaire. Medora Female Variation.

  23. The Talisman. Female Variation.

  24. The Talisman. Female Variation.

  25. Don Quijote. Variation Kitry.

  26. G. Bizet. Carmen. Carmen Dance.

  27. The sleeping beauty. Aurora. Female Variation.

  28. La Bayadère. Nikiya. Female Variation.

  29. Giselle. Female Variation.

  30. The sleeping beauty. Fairy Female Variation.

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