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Are you looking for the piano music for your ballet class?

If you are a teacher and you are bored with the music of your ballet class, or if you are a student looking for musical pieces for your classes, here you will find an incredible solution to your problem. On this page you will find more than a thousand piano tracks that were specifically created for classical dance lessons. The tracks are original adaptations for routine ballet exercises and they facilitate the work of the teacher and the training of the students.

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Music for beginner level classes

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Music for intermediate level classes

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Music for advanced level classes

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Music for gymnastics, bar on the floor, stretching and class of pointe

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Vadim's Method tracks for classical ballet classes are of the highest quality, have been used by many teachers around the world. The music tracks inspire teachers and studients alike, and facilitate the daily routine and the learning process.


All songs are designed specifically for classical dance and help to improve the movements technique and the musical and rhythmic development of students.


You will find the music of the Vadim's Method in all the main streaming services or online music stores, such as Spotify or AppleMusic.


Nane VBertely, Dancer, dance teacher and choreographer.
The Hague / Rotterdam
The Netherlands

I loved the album! It's very inspiring and works wonders for me! I would like more albums for advanced ballet classes and variations :) I think it would be a success!

I use Vadim's Method music in my classes of bar-center-diagonal etc. The music is very beautiful and adaptable

Character and style

The character of each music piece corresponds to the character of movement or exercise which facilitates the  teacher's work and helps students develop dance skills.

Musical structure

The structure of the pieces is ideal to create the combinations of classical dance which facilitates the work of the teacher. There are some basic combinations for most songs.

Rhythms and tempos

For each type of exercise or movement there are several pieces with different rhythms and musical tempos, that will help teachers design the classes according to the level of the students and also fun and the students to develop the musicality

musical material

The musical material includes pieces based on classical, contemporary and folkloric music, which allows to design classes that inspire the teachers and the students alike.

Why ballet

You can currently find a lot of music for classical ballet classes. Why do I recommend my music?
Here are 10 reasons that explain why Vadim's Method is the best option:
  1. Vadim's Method music is the result of my experience of teaching classical ballet for more than 15 years.
  2. All the pieces were recorded with professional pianists with a lot of experience working in companies and dance schools.
  3. Vadim's Method music is recommeded by teachers around the world.
  4. The musical material is ideal to design a perfect ballet class and the music catalogue has more than 1,000 musical pieces.
  5. You will find material for all levels from basic to advanced, as well as music for ballet gymnastics, character classes, etc.
  6. The rhythm, tempo and musical phrasing corresponds to the teaching recommendations of the Vaganova method (Russian school).
  7. Vadim's Method music is totally inspiring for both teachers and students.
  8. Music is available in Streaming services and online music sotres such as Spotify and AppleMusic.
  9. For most of the musical pieces you can find some basic combinations of classical dance on my channel on YouTube.
  10. In the last 3 years people downloaded more than 1,000 albums and in the streaming services the reproductions exceeded 1,000,000.